CNA Classes in Washington D.C

If you are looking for a very rewarding career, it would nice for you to check out to see what a career in the medical field as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) would be like.

To say the least, this career path is quite rewarding for the individual who loves to be able to care for the patient that is not able to take very good care of themselves. If you enjoy helping people and have the knack to learn information in the medical field, the career in the medical field as a CNA is just fitting for you. In the country’s capital of Washington, D.C., there are so many needs of having a CNA to help with the elderly and patients that really need help to do things in their everyday life. If you have the patience and a strong mentality to help people, you should try out a career as a CNA in Washington, D.C.

Essential step to become a CNA in Washington D.C

Before even thinking of furthering your goal to become a CNA, you will need to either achieve getting your high school diploma or GED. This is the first essential step.

You will then have to go through a CNA training school that is approved by the District of Colombia. You will have to find CNA training school quite fast due to the fast filling of the spots in these courses.

These are the minimum amount of hours that each CNA training school has to train each one of the students enrolled into the CNA training program. Each school must consist of 120 total hours of learning:

• Have at least 30 hours dedicated to clinical learning in a laboratory setting
• Have at least 45 hours dedicated to classroom-based instruction
• Have at least 45 hours dedicated to clinical training in a nursing home

Skills you will learn during CNA Classes in Washington D.C

• Basic nursing skills
• Infection control
• Taking vital signs
• Personal care
• Restorative care
• Interpersonal skills
• Safety procedures
• Mental health care

You will need to complete a CNA training school, pass a criminal history review, and pass the NNAAP certification exam to get your CNA certification for Washington, D.C.

Once you receive your certification to become a CNA, you can work in the medical field as a CNA.

CNA training schools in Washington, D.C.

University of the District of Colombia CNA Training Program
410 8th Street NE
Washington, D.C., DC 20004
(202) 274-5000

Comprehensive Health Academy Nurse Aide Training
1106 Bladensburg Road NE
(202) 388-5500

Bethel Training Institute
824 Upshur Street NW
Washington, D.C., DC 20011
(202) 723-0755

Success International School of Allied Health Sciences
1916 Rhode Island Avenue NE
Washington, D.C., DC 20018
(202) 636-1877

Nursing Enterprises CNA Program
817 Varnum Street NE
Washington, D.C., DC 20017
(202) 832-0100