CNA classes in Oregon

When you want to continue down your career path at full speed, what are your options? In order to get a great wage, gain wonderful opportunities and help others, becoming a CNA may be your ultimate choice. When you want to become a CNA in Oregon, there is a minimum requirement in order to gain the career you’ve dreamed of for so long.

How do I become a CNA in Oregon?

Becoming a legal CNA in Oregon requires you to become placed in the state’s nurse aide registry. In order to complete this process you must pass a few different requirements. These requirements are needed in order to work in an Oregon nursing home or even a nursing facility. What do you need to complete the process of becoming a CNA in Oregon?

  • You must complete the Oregon CNA training program
  • A state competency examination must be passed
  • In order to become a can in Oregon you must pass a criminal background
  • Pass 75 hours of classroom training
  • complete 75 hours of clinical training
  • Gain 24 hours of classroom patient contact

What will the class courses provide for my needs?

  • Increase of knowledge in communication skills
  • Learning about all the patient rights
  • Being able to recognize an individuals mental health status
  • learning the basics of nursing home procedures
  • and so much more!

There is no way to top the knowledge gain you’ll receive after completing in class training. When your under the care of an educator in the field, you can’t go wrong! When you attend the whole CNA Course you’ll gain a hands on experience which nothing else could take its place. The classes that you’ll complete will contain the knowledge you need in order to become the best CNA you can!

Where can I take courses in Oregon?

Looking for different facilities to learn the ropes of becoming a CNA isn’t all that hard. When you need a top notch school with the most beneficial educational experiences, there are only a few to choose from. The following list provides some of the best facilities to gain the knowledge you need to become a CNA in Oregon.

  • Caregiver Training Institute Nursing Assistant School
  • Linn-Benten Community College
  • Columbia Gorge Community College
  • Pacific Health Care school
  • Lower Umpqua Hospital

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