How to Become a CNA in Idaho

Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNA’s, work on the frontline of all nursing care and they are more in demand than ever before. In Idaho, like all the other states, hospital care is a secure and even rising career, at a time when other businesses are declining. Today, people are in hospitals, rehab nursing centers, and nursing homes for long periods of time and short, but in either case, it is the CNA who is the backbone of the health care plan.

Curriculum of CNA Training in Idaho

Training for a CNA consists of 120 hours total, where 80 of those hours are in the classroom and the other 40 hours are supervised by a registered nurse, in practical, clinical training. Once the training is completed, you will need to take the CNA state exam in order to receive the certificate for Certified Nursing Assistants. In the State of Idaho, the exam is taken from D & S Diversified Technologies, LLP, and is $30 statewide. There are two parts to the exam, the written exam and then demonstrating practical nursing skills on a manikin. You must pass both parts to obtain the certificate.

Places to get CNA training in Idaho

There are many ways and places to get training in Idaho, as well as other states. If you transfer from another state to Idaho, you are not required to take the training over again, only the exam. CNA training is available at community colleges and trade schools, and may even be available in the hospital or facility that you are planning on working. Search online to find out if there is a CNA training program in the area where you live. Many training programs will actually be paid for when you apply for the position and commit to working with that facility the required number of hours.

The American Red Cross presents the nation’s best and properly recognized CNA course in the United States. There are Red Cross chapters located in every state, simply search online for the Training Chapter nearest to your area.

Carrer as a CNA after completing CNA training in Idaho

A CNA career in Idaho typically starts at approximately $21,000 to $26,000, plus benefits, depending on which facility you work for and the experience that you have. For example, someone transferring from another state could warrant a higher salary, if they had the experience that was called for. Oftentimes, jobs in larger cities and hospitals start at the higher end of the salaries, but Idaho has competitive salaries with other states and is close to the national average. Certificates need to be renewed every two years and every state has a requirement of continuing education hours for every two years, which typically is 24 hours. These hours are taken at your place of employment, local hospitals or community colleges.

With growing health care needs and an unstable job market in America, it is logical to find a promising career in nursing. Certified Nursing Assistants can be the beginning of a brand new career with many avenues of vertical growth, and salary increases. Becoming a CNA is a great way to determine if the nursing career is the right career for you, and how to get involved in a career helping people.

  • Lewis-Clark State College – Workforce Training at the North Lewiston, CNA Training Center
  • North Idaho College CNA Course in Coeur d’Alene
  • Boise State University offers a Nurse Aide course at the Technical Services Building
  • Clearwater Health and Rehabilitation Center nursing assistant course in Orofino