Getting Ready for the CNA Exam — The Written Portion

Once you near the completion of your CNA coursework, the next thought on your mind is passing the required CNA exam. One portion of this two-part exam consists of the written portion. This portion will gauge your understanding of basic nursing. And the best way to get ready for the written portion, which is multiple choice, is to answer sample questions. There are several ways to find sample questions for practice.

Do an Internet Search

Performing a simple internet search through Google or the search engine of your choice is a quick way to find sample questions. There are a slew of websites that contain study CNA tests for those who need access to possible test questions. If you download these sample tests and save them, you will be able to read over them or even print them to get a feel of the CNA test-taking experience.

Previous Tests and Materials

No matter the institution from where you received your CNA training, chances are you have amassed a huge amount of tests and study materials. These materials are a goldmine of knowledge you can use to review the information seen on the CNA written exam.

Form a Study Group

It is normal for Certified Nursing Students to feel apprehensive about their exam. It can be highly beneficial to study with a fellow student who also feels they need extra practice before the “big day.” Doing this will boost your confidence and give you the opportunity to correct your mistakes. The end result will be a more calm and composed demeanor when completing the actual test.

The Other Part of the Exam — Clinical Skills

Even though you may be preoccupied with the written portion, do not neglect to review the procedures you will be required to show during the clinical skills portion, such as repositioning a bed-ridden patient or taking vital signs. However, you have probably been introduced to these skills during your CNA coursework. Also, the way you communicate and treat your patients will be examined by the person administering the exam.


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