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Having a career in the healthcare field can be challenging and rewarding. However, helping others when they can’t help themselves, despite the challenges, is something you can be proud of. That is why many people who are compassionate by nature, are drawn to the career of certified nursing assistant or CNA. A CNA helps patients with health care needs, and this is typically done under the supervision of a registered or licensed practical nurse. It’s a career that seems to always be in demand. So what does it take to become a CNA and can you train online?

Where you can get CNA Training?

To become a CNA you can actually train at local organizations such as a local community college or even the Red Cross. However CNA training online for certification as a CNA is also now available and as with anything you can do online, it comes with many advantages. To pass the 75 hours of training needed in basic health care, health law, and medical ethics, you can start your search for an online school with one of the major search engines like “Yahoo” or “Google”. In the age of online reviews and blogs you can look for post from actual alumni and/or current students as to which online schools offer the best courses, flexibility regarding your learning schedule and best price. These should all be factors in choosing the best online school. That is because the least expensive online school may not provide the best training or have the best reputation in the industry. However a school that has a very good reputation, may not offer the most flexible online schedule available. So where should you start looking.

CNA Training through local community college

A good place to start for reviews of online schools offer training to become a certified nursing assistant, would be your local community college. Every school is now trying to get onboard with online courses as they understand the complexities of working adults. You may also be able to get the best dollar value for your training at a community college. If you want the name of a larger university behind your training that’s fine too, check the university of your choice for online courses and also portals to parlay your CNA training to possibly become a LPN or RN. However be prepared to pay much more at a well known university. Most CNA’s have to pass an exam to get their certification after training, but that varies by state.

A CNA is a great career that provides much needed help in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even hospitals. You should find an online school that will help you work in one of these facilities, simply ask about on-the-job training that can be invaluable while you take the bulk of your CNA training online. Much success!

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I have been a CNA in the state of California since 1995. One of my passions in life is to help people and help others who want to expand their careers and become CNAs.

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