Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in New York

The New York Health Department allows nurses aides to work in the state when they are listed on its nurse aide registry. The firm of Prometrics is in charge of testing and certifying nurse aides and maintaining the registry. At its website, Prometrics offers an examination content outline, practice questions, test site locations, and information on how to apply for certification. See prometic. The state requires aspiring nurses aides to take a CNA course of at least 75 hours of instruction in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, infection control, and patientsā€™ rights before they are allowed to sit for the certification test.

Certified CNA Programs in New York

There are 92 certified nurse aide training programs in 65 cities in New York State. York College in Jamaica offers an extensive 130 hour course that includes lectures, lab, and internship. Subjects studies include anatomy and physiology, basic nursing skills, personal care skills, mental health and social service needs, care of intellectually challenged patients, basic restorative care and patientsā€™ rights. The program director can be contacted at 718-262-2790. The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center also offers an extensive course, including CPR, anatomy and physiology, career life management skills, clinical practicum, financial independence, geriatrics, infection control, medical terminology, lab, nutrition, orientation to health careers, vital signs, and workforce preparation. The program coordinator can be reached at 585-232-2730. The Educational Opportunity Center of the University of Buffalo has a CNA program designed to prepare future certified nurse assistants to provide basic care. The office can be reached at 716-849-6737. Other schools can be located at the New York State Education Departmentā€™s Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and Office of Workforce Preparation, and the New York State Department of Health.

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