Are CNA Training Classes Free?

The Department of Health, Oklahoma State (OSDH) has established a fund of 371,000 dollars for training 900 to 1,000 CNA students in the year 2010, in conjunction with the Department of Careers & Technology Education, Oklahoma State and the Tulsa Community College.

Funds necessary for the free training classes are sourced from the penalties levied on nursing homes charged by OSDH for offering sub-standard medical care. The objectives of this free CNA program are upgrading the knowledge and skills of CNAs to the CNA 2 level, and improving total patient care in the long-term medical care institutions. Tulsa Community College offers further advanced training to CNAs to reach the CNA 3 level, but the course isn’t funded at present.

OSDH-funded training program

CNAs working with long-term medical care patients in skilled nursing institutions and nursing homes have the eligibility for availing this OSDH-funded training program. This program is aptly termed as CNA Career Ladder Program, its name being self-explanatory. It blends the online lessons with conventional class and lab work and proceeds toward passing the CNA skill test. All the students should have completed the online lessons and should have access to a reliable computer system, to participate in the program.

All the applicants should have already gained admission in Tulsa Community College. Anyhow their admission to this college doesn’t guarantee enrollment to the CNA training program, or the grant of funding. Timely application is advisable, as seats and funding are limited. Applicants become eligible for availing the funding, when they appear for the College Placement Test (Reading and Sentence Skills) and pass with a minimum score of 80. Further, all applicants should have minimum 12 college credit hours, with GPA 3.0 minimum, and they should work experience of minimum 6 months in a healthcare institution. Along with the application, the administrator’s recommendation letter is necessary.

Curricular of CNA Training Program

The CNA training program is comprised of 30 hours of training in 5 days, and is divided into 10 modules of 3 hours’ duration. The main aspects of training are safety, illness and ageing, dementia care, nutrition, cultural changes and restorative care, importance of family, quality of life, communication, teamwork, spirituality, and death. Finally the students should appear for a state exam and pass it to obtain their CNA certification.

Besides the Oklahoma program, other CNA training programs are also available for free, and some of them are online programs. Be sure to verify whether the programs are designed to coach for the CNA exam, or are meant for providing general information. The Red Cross Society’s CNA classes are not free now.

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