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CNA Classes and Training in Rochester, NY

A career in the nursing field can start at the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) level, offering a student an opportunity to provide needed services or to advance to higher level that require more skills. A CNA, sometimes called a nursing aide or hospital attendant, cares for general patients of all ... Continue reading

How to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Selden, NY

Are you interested in a recession-proof career that is in high demand, but also requires very little training compared to other careers? You should consider becoming a certified nursing assistant. Nursing assistants include nursing aides, orderlies, patient care technicians, and home health aides and they play an important and vital ... Continue reading

Becoming a CNA in Buffalo, New York

If you live in upstate, New York, you will not typically have access to the many things and situations that are available in the larger cities; however, living in or near Buffalo has its own great advantages. New York, and to a greater extent, Buffalo, represents an ever-changing population and ... Continue reading

CNA classes in NY provides a world class training

We all know that our health matters most. It is very important to keep a sound mind and body. And in order to provide us a better service in the field of health, more and more CNA classes in NY offers quality education and training. They aim to provide outmost ... Continue reading

Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in New York

The New York Health Department allows nurses aides to work in the state when they are listed on its nurse aide registry. The firm of Prometrics is in charge of testing and certifying nurse aides and maintaining the registry. At its website, Prometrics offers an examination content outline, practice questions, ... Continue reading

New York CNA Classes

Living in New York is not as easy one would think. When a single 200 sq ft studio costs $2k in Manhattan, one only needs a great job and a great solid career to make it. If you want a great career in New York, you need to look into ... Continue reading